Our history


We are a company dedicated to the intermediation in the purchase and sale of real estate located in the area of ​​Oropesa and surroundings, as well as all the management and after-sales services that our new client could demand.

Since its inception, the professionalism, the vocation of service and the specialization of the commercial network, have become the basic pillars of the company and, thanks to this, many people have relied on Inmobiliaria Cosmos. Commercial advice, market research, adaptation of the offer to the client’s needs, as well as legal, tax and technical advice are some of the services of Inmobiliaria Cosmos, thanks to its specialized departments and through the figure of the Personal advisor, allow you to achieve your excellence in service.

The success of Inmobiliaria Cosmos lies in its commercial network, made up of a team of professionals trained as real estate consultants with wide experience in the sector, and who have turned this activity into their profession.

Specialization is based on a training policy established at three complementary levels:

• The internal departments are the basis of the knowledge generated and transmitted in the company and that covers the different aspects: commercial, management, legal, fiscal, registry, technical and even aesthetic and decorative.

• The continuous internal training provided by Inmobiliaria Cosmos to all the team, allows this knowledge to be acquired for direct and immediate application in the daily work of advice and commercial attention.

• The division of management by geographical areas: neighborhoods and sectors, allows an in-depth study of the market and ensures that each of our commercials knows in depth their framework of action.